Cupcakes - £20 per batch (12 cupcakes) or £12 half batch.

Double Chocolate Dream - Moist chocolate cake with chocolate frosting topped with a ‘milk’ chocolate button.

Black Forest Gateaux - Chocolate cake filled with cherry jam topped with vanilla frosting, a glacé cherry and shaved chocolate.

Peanut Butter Bombshell - Chocolate cake topped with peanut butter frosting and a chocolate decoration.

Mint Chocolate Chip - Minty chocolate cake topped with mint frosting & decorated with chocolate chips.

Coconut Lime - Vanilla cupcake topped with lime buttercream. Decorated with a lime slice & desiccated coconut.

Simple Vanilla - Vanilla cake topped with vanilla frosting.

Bourbon Biscuit - Our simple vanilla or chocolate cake topped with a swirl of vanilla frosting full of crumbled Bourbon biscuits and topped off with half a Bourbon biscuit.

Speculoos - Our simple vanilla cake topped with Speculoos Cookie Butter, Speculoos Cookie Butter frosting & crumbled Speculoos cookies.

Raspberry - Vanilla or chocolate cake topped with a delicious swirl of raspberry frosting & pink raspberry flavoured sugar.

Pistachio - Our simple vanilla or chocolate cupcake topped with pistachio frosting and a chocolate button.

Sweetie - Our simple vanilla cupcake toped with a fun selection of vegan gummy sweets.

NEW Matcha Green Tea - Delicately flavoured matcha green tea cupcake topped with a matcha glaze and pink marzipan stars.

NEW Peanut Butter Oreo - Chocolate cupcake with an Oreo hidden inside topped with fluffy peanut buttercream and half an Oreo cookie.

NEW Maple Coconut Bacon - Vanilla cake topped with a maple infused frosting and lots of crispy smokey coconut bacon.

Fancy Cupcakes - £26 per batch (12 cupcakes) or £16 half batch.

NEW Mini Doughnut - Vanilla cupcake topped with either vanilla or raspberry frosting and a glazed, sprinkle covered, baked mini-doughnut.

NEW Cookies & Cream - Vanilla cupcake topped with cookies & cream frosting and a whole homemade chocolate chip cookie.

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